(1) Mobilize: A Film About Cell Phone Radiation is an award-winning, feature-length documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation, including cancer and infertility.  The film examines recent scientific research, follows state and national legislative efforts, and illuminates the influence that technology companies have on public health.  The film was selected as the best documentary film at the California Independent Film Festival in 2014.


(2) Trapped in waves (includes EMFsolutions reference)

(3)  Wireless Wake-up Call (Jeromy Johnson)

(4) RESONANCE is a documentary film on the harmful effects of man-made wireless frequencies









(5) Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe was a speaker at the Bishop’s Stortford Seminar and she gives a more in-depth presentation on EM Radiation, Health and Children

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

Electromagnetic Radiation – Health for Children








(6) Brian Stein is a CEO of a UK company and speaks about his EHS condition

Brian Stein pt1

Brian Stein – Part 1







Brian Stein pt2

Brian Stein – Part 2







(7) Live blood analysis: Observable effects of RF/MW radiation

Blood test

Blood test







(8) Prof. Olle Johansson (Karolinska Institute of Sweden) states that there are likely to be millions of people around the world who are EHS


Prof. Olle interview

Prof. Olle Johansson interview







(9)  Dr Martin Pall on EMF exposure activating L-type voltage-gated Calcium channels
Dr Martin Pall

Dr Martin Pall on VGCCs







(10) Frank Clegg (ex Microsoft) – Symposium on Health Issues Associated with the Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Radiation (Sept 2014)
Frank Clegg - ex Microsoft

Frank clegg – click on Frank Clegg’s presentation








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