Please adopt a Precautionary approach with regards to EMFs and health (particularly when it concerns children, elders, unwell and pregnant women).  Here are a few recommendations:

(1) Mobile phones

  • The Airplane or Flight mode cuts off all EMFs and you should use this mode at night, when using office applications, playing pre-downloaded games/apps etc.
  • You cannot communicate when on the Airplane mode, i.e. receive calls or texts, so;
     – only keep your network option ON, but switch OFF data roaming, Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, Mobile hotspot and near field comms.,
     – switch ON data roaming and/or Wi-Fi a few times a day to update e-mails, Facebook, messages etc. and then switch back OFF,
     – set the phone to switch OFF completely at night, e.g. say between 11pm and 7am.
    (all the above, along with turning off any sensors/GPS and reducing screen brightness will increase your battery life!)
  • Try to keep conversations short, use the speaker phone, use hands-free (air tube) kit or communicate using text
  • Avoid using your phone in a “low signal” area – EMF emission is at MAXIMUM at low/no signal strength
  • 3G and 4G mobile phones generally work at a lower transmitted power than 2G/GSM
  • Check out this list for the 20 highest and lowest mobile phone EMF emitters
  • Carry your phone in a purse or backpack instead of your pocket – avoid keeping the phone in bras!  iPhone 4 manual says: “When carrying iPhone, keep it 1.5 cm (5/8 inch) or more away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the maximum levels.  Avoid cases with metal parts.”  This distance is reduced to 0.5 cm for iphone 5 and iphone 6 – here is an article which explains radiation level and separation distances.  And here is a great website on the subject of phone “small print”!
  • If you must use a smart phone, then check out the following apps:

1. Talk Intact

2. Wi-Fi Radiation meter

3. Sheddy

4. Cancerblock

5. Tawkon

(2) Wi-Fi

  • Always select the Airplane or Flight mode when not using the internet
  • Replace wi-fi with an ethernet cable
  • Replace wi-fi with products that allow data through the mains or power-line communication
  • Reduce the distance to a wi-fi source (allow at least 2 meters) – EMF intensity drops as the inverse square of the distance
  • Reduce the wi-fi power, e.g. industrial WLAN can be pre-set to ¼, ½, ¾ Power levels
  • Limit exposure time, i.e. switch off when not required
  • Limit exposure from multiple EMF sources, e.g. in an office there may be wireless tablets, PC, router, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, headphones, phone etc.

FYI, less familiar products with wi-fi and/or bluetooth technology, include:

  • Certain health/sports watches (with wireless comms.)
  • Some game controllers
  • Some baby monitors
  • Some toys, including robots, model aircraft/cars, dolls, tablets etc.
  • Smart/Energy meters
  • Some SKY/Cable box models
  • Smart glasses

(4) Mains Electricity

In the UK, we use mains electricity at 50 Hertz or (cycles per second), which subsequently generates electric and magnetic fields (ELF EMFs).  Most common sources of ELF EMFs are power lines, house wiring (particularly if faulty) and certain mains run appliances (particularly with motors).

The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified such Extremely Low Frequency or ELF EMFs as a Group 2B “possible human carcinogen” in 2002.

A number of scientific studies and the National Cancer Institute show that exposure to magnetic fields (µT) and electric fields (V/m) can produce adverse health effects, including; cancer, reproduction & heart problems, obesity, ADHD, Autism, melatonin, dementia/memory/learning etc.

pooled analysis of studies on magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia showed harmful effects from less than 0.5µT, even though the guidelines are at a much higher 100µT level – note, that on one of our EMF surveys, we  measured almost 250µT from an extract fan!

General information:

  • Electric motors can generate high Magnetic fields, e.g. hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, extract fans, blenders etc.
  • Some dimmer switches have shown to emit significant Electric fields
  • Try to avoid plugs (typically European) with a plastic Earth pin – they are not properly grounded and can emit high EMFs
  • Check the EMF levels of electrical products with transformers (clocks, radios, fish tanks etc.) – using battery operated products would be preferred
  • Microwave oven doors can be leaky, particularly for older models (check out this link)
  • Avoid leaving electric blankets and waterbed heaters on when in bed

- High Magnetic Fields

To investigate high magnetic fields in a property, we determine if the problem is from the incoming mains supply or faulty wiring within the property.  Certain earthing systems (TT, TNS and TNCS) are more prone than others in causing Net or Stray currents.  In addition, if the house does not have adequate earthing, then EMFs may be high.

- Faulty appliance

We use a clamp-meter to measure the Net or Stray currents in appliances.  Live, Neutral and Ground cables from switch-on appliances should rarely measure more than ~0.01A (10mA), even when using a high load such as an electric kettle.  If there is a fault in the Live or Neutral wires, this would show up on the clamp-meter, as well as a magnetic field meter.

- RCD (Residual Current Device)

RCDs are usually fitted to the main fuse board and are a good way of protecting house wiring and appliances from high current and subsequent magnetic fields.  Each circuit; lighting, power, cooker etc. will turn off or “Trip” the RCD immediately if there is a faulty circuit, appliance or circuit overload.  The fault must be fixed before the RCD can be reset.

- Demand Switches

These can be installed for highly electrosensitive or EHS individuals, who prefer to have control over their mains electricity supply.  Demand switches remove all voltages in the property circuit, until the switch is operated and power is needed, thereby greatly reducing EMFs.

- Solar Panels

Solar panels use an inverter to convert the current from DC to AC.  Inverters can create high EMFs.  Ideally, solar equipment should be located away from living space, most preferably in a garage.  As is the case with all EMFs, maximising the distance is key, i.e. the fields decrease the further away you are from the inverter and panels.

- Fluorescent Lights

Ordinary fluorescent lights contain ballast, which limits the current through an electrical load.  The ballast coils give off high magnetic fields even upto half a meter away.  Note, that these fields can travel up through the ceiling to the floor above.  A room with low ceilings and fluorescent lights, as found in some schools and offices, may produce significant magnetic fields at head height.  The flicker and hum associated with these lights can be noticeable and trigger head aches, irritability and eye strain.  It’s not uncommon for many office workers to find relief if the tubes are removed directly above their heads.

(5) Mechanisms of Harm

It appears that EMFs reduce the body’s natural melatonin production, which is a potent antioxidant and a strong anti-cancer agent.  Note, that sleeping in lit rooms or reading from tablets in bed also has a similar effect, e.g. avoid night lights and other sources of light in your bedroom.

There are also other mechanisms linked to emfs; including increased permeability of blood-brain and blood-gut barrier – could the 300% increase in Crohn’s disease be actually linked to emfs?  Loss of calcium in cells and increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels in Saliva.  Reproduction effects are covered here.  Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, a retired lecturer from Imperial College has spent years studying various biological effects of EMFs.

This article shows that exposure to 900MHz EMF radiation for 28 days significantly impairs spatial memory and causes blood-brain barrier damage in rats.  Whilst, provocation studies in this article demonstrate that the response to EMFs is physical and not psychosomatic.

This is a useful website on EMF and Autism.

Finally, this is useful presentation slides on “Mobile Phone Radiation & Blood Brain Barrier”, by Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc.

Here is a useful “Wireless Safety card”, courtesy of Peter Michael Sullivan of Autism and EMF.


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