Terms of Service

We are NOT liable under any circumstance or under any law, whether in tort, contract or otherwise with respect to the services or any other related subject matter of this terms and conditions of sale.

Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages.

We do NOT claim any health benefits – please consult your doctor/physician if you have any short or long term health problems or medical or other concerns.

The service provided is for “Guidance Only” and we do NOT claim an accurate, reliable or error-free service.

We provide recommendations based on meter readings which may not be fully calibrated, accurate or repeatable, i.e. measurements change depending on, but not exclusively due to; proximity to source, duty cycle, cumulative effects from multiple sources, technology (amplitude & frequency), materials/shielding, atmospheric conditions, time of day etc.

The report and recommendations provided by this service are not for the purpose of any medical, legal or other type of certification.

The information provided will be strictly confidential and will not be forwarded to a third party organisation, although “anonymous” data could be used in future research studies.

We will not pass on your personal or credit or debit card details to any third party.

High frequency (KHz – GHz) applications include; radio & TV (digital/analogue), TETRA (digital public safety networks), Microwave Radio Relay, mobile radio (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, 3G, 4G), radar, DECT cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, WLAN, microwave ovens, WiMAX etc.

Low frequency (~Hz to 100KHz) applications include: domestic mains supply, switches and lights, high-voltage lines, fans/motors, transformer stations and traction power etc.


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