EMF Surveys

Wireless monitors, keyboards and mice, wireless headphones, wi-fi routers, DECT phones, wi-fi boosters, PC’s, laptops, tablets, game consoles/controllers, printers, mobile phones, TVs, satellite/cable boxes, microwave ovens, transformers, motors in hair dryer/vacuum cleaner/extract/blender etc., un-grounded plugs and poor wiring can emit harmful levels of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).

EMF Solutions conduct EMF surveys across Hertfordshire and surrounding counties for both domestic and commercial properties and our surveys monitor low frequency electric & magnetic fields and high frequency electric fields from such sources.

We use professional state-of-the-art equipment and your report will include in the order of 100 measurements depending on the size of property and number of gadgets/appliances.  Real time charts will be generated and we will draw your attention to any “hot spots”, which may need remedial action.

We also provide a number of recommendations on how to improve your living and work environment.  The survey can also include external EMF measurements and tests on your vehicle.

Should you need additional information please contact us for more detail.








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