Issue 4 – June 2015

Welcome to our early summer Newsletter in which we cover the following topics:

(1) What’s in the news
(2) Update on EMF Solutions website and EMF surveys
(3) An EHS clinic in Hemel Hempstead
(4) Information on a forthcoming meeting

(1) What’s in the news
As usual there’s been a lot of news activity since the previous newsletter and here are some highlights:
1.1 Is wi-fi making your child ill? is an article from The Telegraph featuring Erica Mallery-Blythe, who presented at the Bishop’s Stortford Seminar last October.  Another article from Robert Szczerba, CEO of X Tech Ventures, covers a study showing wi-fi to be more dangerous to kids than previously thought.
1.2 A Brazilian court makes Nokia pay $0.25M to a 37 year old Telecoms worker with a rare bone cancer – 3 other co-workers died of the same disease.  There are also over 20 ongoing court cases just in the USA with others in GermanyIsrael and UK.
1.3 Belgium passes a law making it illegal for young children to buy phones. Lawmakers in Berkeley, USA voted for retailers to tell customers of the potential health hazards of carrying phones too close to their bodies. And plans to introduce wireless devices to a school in Hamburg in Germany have been challenged with the help of an open letter by 20 doctors.
1.4 In the Andhra Pradesh region of India, there are 25,000 brain tumour cases and most are attributed to mobile phone use.  Whilst in Iran, a study confirmed EHS was caused by nearby phone masts and recommend at least 300m between the masts and population.
1.5 Israel reduces the 1998 ICNIRP RF guideline limits by 10%, whilst Austria has the lowest international limits at 99% below the current (UK) limit.  Prof. Michael Herbst, head of the Cancer Association of South Africa says, “…children’s skull and brains are still developing and the radiation from cell phones practically cooks their brains”.
1.6 Latest study confirms long term exposure to Microwaves, e.g. mobiles, provoke cancer growth.

(2) Update on EMF Solutions website and EMF surveys
We are a “not-for-profit” organisation and our primary objective is to highlight the EMF-health link to local parents and make their home environment safer via the EMF Solutions website.  Since the launch in March, there has been a healthy interest of over 1000 page views and we are attracting visitors from as far afield as North America and Australasia, as well as across Herts and Essex.

One of the most popular areas of interest is the surveys, which we offer to parents and grandparents who see the benefits of having an EMF survey, particularly with children in mind.  We continue to price our surveys at an affordable rate and are taking bookings over the summer.  For more details please click on the link.

We have now carried out enough surveys to learn that a number of non-wireless or “Mains” run products also emit magnetic fields that are significantly higher than levels shown to cause harmful effects.   Please see section (3) Harmful effects from “Mains” electricity, for further details.  We also found sources of high electric and magnetic fields where children spend their time or where they sleep.  In addition, even though you may be content with the products within your home, we found significant EMFs from neighbours’ wi-fi, nearby masts and even some street lights!

Domestic and commercial surveys are carried out by an Electronics Engineer (with a PhD and expertise in Telecoms & microwave sensing) and a new member of the team who is a fully qualified electrician.  We use a variety of industry standard meters and use the captured data in a unique way to highlight any EMF hot-spots.  We then provide a full graphical report along with a list of recommendations.  For further information, please look through the testimonials page on our website.

Our Electrician has a personal interest in EMF safety.  Previously, he lived in a house situated next to a bank of mobile phone masts, where he experienced poor health with symptoms including fatigue, tinnitus, poor sleep and head aches.  Medication and life style changes did not seem to have an effect; he would only feel better whilst on holiday or staying away from home.  After some research and carrying out measurements of microwave radiation around his house, he was shocked to find that the levels were so high. He now lives in a new house with improved health and wants to use his experience and electrical knowledge to help others.

(3) EHS clinic – Breakspear Medical
One of our Newsletter readers visits the Breakspear private clinic based in Hemel Hempstead, which specialises in the treatment of environmental illnesses.  They also include EHS, by considering the patient’s lifestyle and health problems.  Most of Breakspear’s patients tend to exhaust private and NHS services, but find relief with their treatments, via detoxification, nutritional status, infections, autonomic nervous system regulation and repairing cell membrane.  The more toxins, infections and low immunity a person has, the greater the risk of suffering EHS and other sensitivities.

(4) Local Meeting
A number of our Newsletter readers have asked for a face-to-face meeting.  If you’re interested in attending a meeting where you can learn more about us, the impact of wi-fi/mobiles on health, what it feels to be EHS or just want to explore the topic, then please email us at

We are aiming to hold the meeting before the end of the school summer term during the first week of July.  It will be an early evening event at a venue in Bishop’s Stortford.

Final Thought
Reading this Newsletter or visiting our website is perhaps your first step towards taking action to keep your children safer in their schools, knowing how best to use modern wireless technology and how to create a safe environment for yourself and your family.

Best regards,

EMF Solutions Team.

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