Issue 1 – Oct 2014

You are receiving this e-mail because, (i) you may have attended the Bishop’s Stortford Seminar, “Are Microwaves from Mobiles and Wi-Fi Harming our Children” on the 1st of October, 2014 or (ii) you have shown an interest in the topic.

In the coming months, we intend to e-mail articles/information/news/links on the potential harmful effects of wireless technologies and aim to focus mour efforts to the Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding region.  Please note that we only intend to send around one e-mail per month.

But, if you do not wish to receive them, please un-subscribe by clicking unsubscribe from this list.  This is an anonymous list, so your reply will come back to me only.  In the event you would like to share information to the group, this will have to be administrated by myself.  Note: your e-mail address will NEVER be distributed.

So, this first e-mail will cover the following items:

(1)     The Seminar videos are now on Youtube (~30 minutes each).

(2)     Help towards writing a letter to your child’s school head teacher – ask for the school’s current and future planned wireless activities, e.g. 1:1 iPad scheme.  Has a risk assessment been carried out for Class B Carcinogen products?  Have the parents been informed?  Who is accountable in case of health related issues? Include some facts on the dangers and your concerns as a parent – perhaps mention the local Seminar and Youtube Seminar link.  Here are some useful templates, but aim to keep it brief:

2.1 Letters to schools and colleges – SSITA
2.2 Write to your Head Teacher, MP & MEP – Families online
2.3 Wifi in schools kit – C4STWith increased momentum, we can follow up with a survey or petition, but at this stage a few carefully worded letters to surrounding schools should suffice.

(3)    Interesting news articles…
3.1 Former Nokia Technology Chief Crippled by Cell Phone Radiation 
3.2 Former Microsoft Head in Canada says Wi-Fi is Harmful
3.3 Why are Hi-Tech individuals (Steve Jobs) likely to be low-tech parents?

(4)     Useful contact details

Alasdair Philips      
Dr Elizabeth Evans 
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe
Mike Mitcham         
Diana Hanson        
Sarah Dacre           

(5)     Useful web links
Electromagnetic Man
Electrosensitivity UK
Radiation Research Trust
Stop Smart Meters
Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance
The CAVI Society 
WiFi in Schools
Wired Child
EMR & Health (Australia)

(6)     Volunteers needed – if you are local, passionate about this cause and want to help, then please contact me.

Finally, please spread the word and if someone is interested in joining our mailing list, then e-mail me again or click *|FORWARD|*.

Kind regards,

EMF Solutions Team.

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