About Us

EMF Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation borne out of parents’ concern that schools are issuing tablet devices to all children.  We wanted to know whether this could be harmful to their health.

Over 3000 peer reviewed scientific articles show a biological or negative health effect from low intensity electromagnetic fields given off by many modern wireless devices, e.g. tablets, mobiles & Wi-Fi.  There are also articles which show no effect, but according to Prof. Henry Lai and others the results of many such studies are biased towards the funding source!

In October 2014, we invited four expert speakers to give a seminar and help raise awareness of local parents; Are Microwaves from Mobiles and Wi-Fi Harming our Children?

The seminar and research convinced us that children are vulnerable; with thinner skulls and bones, undeveloped immune systems, developing organs/body and rapidly dividing cells, they are highly sensitive beings who are disproportionately impacted by such environmental exposures.

EMF Solutions was thus formed to provide; news, contact to experts, Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity or EHS information, environmental assessments and help towards EMF related concerns or questions.

We disseminate  information via our Newsletter, leaflets and face-to-face meetings.  To date, we have dropped over 4000 leaflets in the Bishop’s Stortford area.

We don’t blind you with science, but if you are interested then here is a comprehensive database (>5,500 scientific studies on EMFs).  Plus, here are 700 mobile phone, 78 phone mast and 136 WiFi & Device related studies.



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